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June 14th, 2010, 04:04 PM
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Ive always wondered.....could you go to a different doctor ( practice) and lie about your EDD? Like push it back a week?
That way, when they think your really 40 weeks...your infact 41.

Im sorry you have to even deal with this. I never realized how lucky i was to have a truely supporitve VBAC OB. I had to switch OB's within the practice to find a good one though, the one i started with, claimed she was pro vbac...but started back peddling around 28 weeks...which is when i decided to switch and not look back, lol.

keep fighting for it, and keep researching, maybe if you go in with all the knowledge, it will throw them off a bit and let you make some decisions for yourself.
I would not have stayed with an OB that would not induce before a csection. But that is just me.
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