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June 16th, 2010, 08:28 AM
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Thanks for the welcomes, ladies! We had a good follow up. The rash turned into eczema and he's still congested/coughing more than I'd like, but all the environmental allergens are super high right now, so at this point it's hard to distinguish whether it's from the cashews or the air. He gave us a lab slip for full IGE testing and to "draw enough for" some other kind of test as well. He wants us to wait a week or two to let the prednisone clear out of his system before going for the bloodwork, so we only have to do it once. In the meantime we just have to be careful what he eats.

We do have an allergy clinic in town, but we're not super impressed with them and they're always full (DH, DS#1, and I used to go there). Generally if you call in for a sick/allergy appointment, they either just call in meds without seeing you or send you to urgent care/ER. If the pedi's office can't manage it (I think they can, as they manage DS#1's asthma and allergies better than the clinic), then we'll go to the allergy clinic. But it will be a last resort kind of thing.

So...not many answers yet and more waiting, but at least we're moving forward. I've learned that cashews are in the same family with pistachios, mangos, and poison ivy, so we'll avoid all of those until we have the results of the bloodwork.
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