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June 16th, 2010, 08:10 PM
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Does anyone have experience with Horizon's? My experience with it is limited. It was my first choice for math until I ran into a couple of other publishers. Because I was "this" close to using it, I'm fairly well familiar with it (for math... not the other subjects).
Do you like the curriculum? Why or why not? I like it. The only concerns I'd relay to other people are that it is advanced, fast paced, and teaches from a spiral approach (meaning it touches on several points at once rather than mastering, for example, time and then moving on to money later).

Does anyone have experience with LIFEPAC? My only experience with it is seeing it in the store, looking at it, and immedately putting it back on the shelf. I hated it.
Did you like the curriculum? Why or why not? It was very dry. Very.

What other sources of curriculum are there? There are tons! There are many more out there than I've heard of, too. AOP also has SOS and Weaver, so if you're sold on AOP, look into those. For other curriculum kits that are Christian based, look at Sonlight (which will include AOP stuff), Abeka, Rod & Staff, Bob Jones University, Christian Light, and My Father's World.
Do they have catalogues I can view as well? I don't know if all of them have print catalogs (some do), but they all have online catalogs.

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