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June 17th, 2010, 06:30 PM
mater bibit
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I've had some experience with Horizons Math K. It's great if that's what you like. The TM tells you necessary stuff to teach along with what's in the workbooks but it doesn't necessarily tell you how to teach it. It will just say, "Teach *this*. Review *that*" I would personally recommend buying the TM used off Amazon. I got mine for $5 including the shipping, perfect condition. It's needful IMHO but not remotely worth what they charge for it new .. or even used in most places.

Personally, for math, I'm more inclined to the likes of Math Mammoth, MEP (free, but requires printing), Right Start and Miquon (not sure if they have a website but you can buy from all over the place). Right Start and Miquon are only for the early grades. I was interested in Singapore Math also for a while. CLE has already been mentioned, I think. You have a whole lot of options ... and that's just math.

As for a more *whole* curriculum, there is also Heart of Dakota which is Christian (they use Singapore for math but you can easily substitute your own choice). You can order their catalogue from their website. A new one I heard of recently is Moving Beyond the Page which is secular. I just got their catalogue the other day .. looks very interesting but not my style.

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