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June 19th, 2010, 02:22 AM
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I feel for you, i was induced at 41wks3days as i was too 'overdue', and being niave i said ok cuz i wanted my baby out, ended up with a c/s because she was not ready. Thankfully i went on to VBAC my next only 2 days after her due date. With my 3rd birth which i had planned at home with a different midwife from my first 2 births my biggest question for her when i interviewed her was what was her views on going overdue, i must have known i would go overdue even then. I went to 42wks4days with my son and birthed him at home, OBs were hounding my midwife but she was wonderful. Its up to you if you turn up at the hospital for the c/s they cant force you, just say you forgot hehe.

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