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June 19th, 2010, 03:31 PM
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On 6/16/10 at approximately 4:50PM I was at the end of my work day, just starting a therapy session with my second to last kid of the day. I felt the urge to go to the bathroom (bm) really badly, like there was no way I could hold it. I tried to call a co-worker's office for her to come sit with my patient for a minute so I could use the restroom. As the phone was ringing I sat in my chair felt "bubble, bubble.....woosh" in my panties. It wasn't a lot, but I knew immediately what it was! I hung up the phone and stood up and ran to the next office over, barged into my coworkers session and blurted "MY WATER JUST BROKE!" As she looked up at me a big gush of water poured down my legs. She said "Yup!" and she took my kid out to the waiting room to his mom to explain what happened! The next thing you know the whole office is gathering around my room. I called my husband at work and a teller answered and I say "This is Karl's wife, my water just broke!" (When they went to relieve him from his appointment and tell him my water broke, he thought they were joking with him!) I then called the Dr. on call line to place a message that my water broke and I was pretty sure we should go to the hospital. As I am standing there water just keeps randomly gushing out! I was SOAKED!! Everyone was gathering and getting all excited and asking what I needed and where my husband had to drive from to get me and blah blah blah! I sat there and said "but it doesn't hurt yet. it is supposed to hurt. i don't want pitocen!" Yeah...I was rather rational lol. So...
We get to the hospital (with no bags or anything...a friend picked them up and brought them to us there) I get all registered and the lady asks if I know about the tests for amniotic fluid and I say yes and she asks about how much fluid there was and I point to the bag of my clothes and say "everything in there is soaked through 3x over" and she goes "Oh, I guess you don't need the speculum test then, this paper should turn blue if I hold it next to you!" lol So then she checks me and I had been at 1cm and "firm" at my appointment just under a week ago, and I was now 1+cm (not quite a 2) and 70% effaced. Ok not much, but progress. So I explain my birth plan and she says I can go walk for an hour before going to a room to help contractions and such along. Yay. So we walk for an hour and then get settled into our room and I get checked again. 3cm this time! Yes! and still 70%. Lets go walk another hour, the contractions are still not strong enough. OK! I don't get checked for another 2 hours, I walk, bounce on the birthing ball, dance (yes, I danced).... Contractions become regular, but not very strong. They are strong enough I start breathing through them, but not all of them, some are stronger than others. Not a good sign. I get checked. 3cm 70%....ON NO! It's time to discuss Pitocen, but this is not what I want, not in my plan! I convince them to let me tray 1 more hour of walking. Guess what...still a 3 and 70% after ANOTHER exhausting hour of walking. Time is flying by, if we don't something the baby will be at serious risk for infection soon.... I agree to start a line with the lowest possible dose of Pit. HOLY CRAP, the contractions start coming on strong right away! Great, this going to work. 3 hours later my contractions are 1-2min apart and I am struggling to breathe through them and need major help from DH. Lets get checked again. ARE YOU SERIOUS.....3CM and 70%EFFACED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!! I don't want a C-section! I pray to God he gets me through this. I ask about the "procedure" that was mentioned earlier to get rid of the scar tissue that might be (at this point obviously is) preventing cervical change. The nurse blows me off. I am screaming in pain, and I have been awake for over 24hrs. I can't do it anymore. I need an epidural. I get one. I cried through it....because I was so sad my birth plan was not working out, but I had to stay focused and at least get my vaginal delivery. I get a new nurse right after the Epi is placed. She checks me after I have slept for an hour through contractions and I am a 4! She mentions the scar tissue, wants to get rid of it. She says there is no way they could have without me having an Epi, it would have been way to painful. She works on it. After, I sleep another hour she checks again. I am a 6 and 90% effaced! She removed more scar tissue. I sleep for another hour. This goes on for a few hours. Then at 2pm, the magic words almost 10cm and 100%effaced, we will be pushing very soon. YAY!!! So it's time start "practice pushing" before she calls the Dr. I do great! She calls and we start really pushing with every contraction. After 1/2hr of Epi is worn off! I am pushing without meds!! After another 1/2 hr, I can't push with out the Epi anymore, I am about to pass out from the pain. Crap! I get a mini redose (I request not to be as numb as last time, it was too hard to push when we first started). I scream "I can't!" between every contraction and everyone says "Yes you can, you just did, keep it up" And I do. And I finally push her out at 4:00pm on 6/17/10, almost 24hrs after my water broke! They put her on my chest and I cry and cry. She is beautiful. I am so in love. I get to do Kangaroo care right away and nurse her too! She latches on imediately and feeds for 20min!!!! It was amazing. Here she is:

She was 8lbs 2oz and 20inces long. She looks just like her daddy! Looks like she has my hair though :-)

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