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June 19th, 2010, 11:19 PM
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well, i have officially nicknamed myself "Dragon" for the night (Do you watch FRIENDS? Do you remember when Joey called himself Dragon? :haha I could totally belch flames. In fact, I think I did once or twice! Maybe it was lightning

I should really be sleeping, but I am like a little kid on Christmas eve when it comes to going on vacation, I can't sleep! We're hoping to leave no later than 3am in hopes that Brylie sleeps the majority of the way to MIssouri (about 6 hours roughly)

I'm not going to poas tomorrow...I don't want to start vacation down in the dumps. All I have is some crappy grocery store brand tests which say "dont take until 1 day after missed period" so I'm guessing the hcG reader in those puppies are lizzity lowwwwwww! It would be cool to test and get a + and give it to Sam for his first father's day, but who are we kidding?! I'll be 10dpo tomorrow and I didn't get my bfp with Bry until 12dpIUI. (I told Sam the IUI was a bust and waited a WEEK to tell him I was pregnant so I could tell him on his bday! 12/27/08 )

I have pretty much counted myself out this cycle. I packed my Soy Isoflavens and EPO to take to the ozarks so when the witch shows, I am armed and ready to go!

I'm so hungry, we went to the town picnic tonight (not our town, but a town 5miles south of us) and the walking taco (doritos with hamburger, cheese, salsa and sour cream) just didn't cut it. ......... ay ay ay!!

I better go to bed....before I burn down my house with these flames!!

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