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June 21st, 2010, 03:01 PM
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We have used Lifepacs for my 2nd grader.

I felt that they were bright colorful, and fun...yet lacking something more concrete.
The scope and sequence is thorough, but it seemed a bit too "fluffy" for what we wanted. I dunno, maybe it was the cartoonish characters on each page, cute as they were.
I did not like the math portion (it kind of left me hanging as to how to teach the topics), nor did I like the science (not hands on enough). I gave the history and geography section away to a friend, although I think it would have been great as a supplement to a unit study on Japan or Germany, for example.
I did keep the Bible lifepacs and I use that to supplement my now third graders bible studies. Since the stories are not in any particular order (and we love chronology) we just fit them in as we study elsewhere.
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