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June 23rd, 2010, 09:23 AM
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I totally know how you feel. I haven't been on JM near as much as I normally would be lately. I'm only here right now because I was woken up prematurely by my wonderful 3 year old...he spent the night at my parents night last night, but he decided he needed mommy in the very early am.
I really think jealousy issues normally don't set in until the kid can steal their toys (crawl, etc.) lol. All the mommies I know who've recently moved from 1 to 2 kids seem to be having no jealousy issues, and I know when I went to 2 we didn't have any, until he was like 9 months old and he could take her toys, and then it wasn't so much jealousy as teaching her how to share when it wasn't 100% her decision (she shared before that, but she always got to decide how.)
As for my 3 older ones, Courtney and Rock just love on her, LJ has only had one instance of jealousy, the first time I sat down to breastfeed her after we came home he saw the pillows and came over to get his loving, thinking I was going to breastfeed him, when I didn't pick him up it made him cry, it was only a one time thing though and it wasn't directed at her, but rather to "Why isn't Mommy holding me?" He has quit breastfeeding entirely though, I tried to fight the fight, but he wasn't having we kinda made it to 15 months...I had wanted 18, but c'est la vie.
You could still totally post Joshua's birth story if you're still in his PR. In fact the 2004 PR JUST got a birth story subforum And it was a nice experince getting to go into labor on my own, though I really wish the doctor had been a little more accurate on when he'd arrive...otherwise it was a wonderful experience.
Do you know how much Jordan is weighing now? You should update your siggy to show her off I will be doing that, but I think I'm still in the window where my current one is too new, so I figure I'll update around the time of Courtney's birthday when I was planning to take this one down anyway.

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