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June 23rd, 2010, 03:48 PM
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I really should start at the beginning... but I'm bad at that, so I'll skip around a bit.

My husband and I have been married since August of 08. I stopped taking birth control pills in December of 08. We hadn't decided to start trying yet... I just hated my OB/GYN, and I couldn't find the time to make an appointment with a new one. So, when my BCP prescription ran out, I just let it be. We finally got around to trying around May of 09.

I was diagnosed with PCOS at some point in there. (I'm terrible with timelines. I've had to quiz my husband twice already and I'm only 2 paragraphs in.)

In my quest for a new OB/GYN, I saw one doctor who I sort of liked, but I only saw her once. (Pet Peeve: I hate doctors who send me to some diagnostic place to get even the most minor blood work done. Get a lab, or I'm getting a new doctor.) She was the one who finally said that I did have PCOS. My previous doctor kind of hinted at it, but refused to do any sort of test to confirm it.

Fast forward to November 09. I had a fun little month-and-a-half-long period that got me fairly worked up. Previously, I just assumed that it would probably take a while to get pregnant (because of the PCOS) but it would eventually just magically happen. Now I started to realize that it was going to take a wee bit more effort than just going at it like bunnies and hoping for the best.

I spent a few cycles just trying to get my period to resemble some kind of rhythm. It didn't really work, and finally my current doctor put me on Clomid last month. No luck so far, but I feel like this is the month!
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