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June 23rd, 2010, 11:04 PM
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I was lurking, but I'll post..
I grieve that I didn't get ANY of the birthing experience I wanted.
The nurse spent her time rushing in, telling me to push and hurry up, making me cry my eyes out, then leaving..over and over. She also used a c-section as a threat until I told her fine, do it. (I didn't get the c-section though)
That my daughter was too big for me to get out.. She got stuck (hence why the pushing WASN'T WORKING! The nurse was full of it) and a vacuum was needed to get her out.
I didn't get to see or hold her for a bit because there was meconium in the fluid..
My mom didn't get to cut her cord like we had planned.
and I don't remember much of anything. All I remember from the first time BF'ing her was relaxing immediately. I can barely remember holding her..
and I let the nurses push me around like I had done something wrong..

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