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June 14th, 2006, 09:53 AM
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OH has changed his mind yet again and wants to see what other people think *sigh* and they say women are difficult = )

Which do you prefer?

Alexa Genevieve-I like Alexa and Genevieve but dont know if they go well together

Ava Caroline-I used to love the name Ava but it is sooo trendy right now and it will become dated

Aubrie Ireland-Aubrey is ok (no ie) but I like Audrey much better

Kendall Rose-I used to like Kendall but it is way to trendy

Kyla Avery-same thing, too trendy.

Which boy's name do you prefer?

<span style="color:#3366FF">Brady James-Ehh...not a huge fan of Brady. It sounds too much like a last name, and makes me think of "bratty"

Carter Anson-These both sound like surnames to me

Aidan John-I looove Aiden, but it is too popular for words right now.

Dylan Joshua-This is cute!

Salem Adler-All I can think of are the cigarettes

Out of the girls names I like Aubrey/Audrey Ireland and out of the boys I like Dylan Joshua
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