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June 24th, 2010, 09:02 AM
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Thanks so much ladies! I may come and go for lack of time to get on the boards but I promise it won't ever be too long before I pop in again LOL....

Let's see my scrapping highschool in the 90's always did scrapbooks but then moved to Utah in 1997 and got my first Creating Keepsakes magazine and boy did I fall in love with simple diecuts back then hahaha! My first album I did was my wedding album *gasp* (that was marriage number one though hahahaha)

Anyway I have lots of completed albums majority being for my oldest daughter who is now 8. I haven't scrapped regularly though since prob around 2004 or 2005 so I kinda feel like a newbie again even though I went through phases of really wanting to get back to it I just haven't leaped back in yet....

Now it is 2010 and I have been re-married for going on 2 years, I now work full time, and I also now have a new baby born March 10th! So life has been lots busier haha....

I am currently working on the Week in the Life project and hope to have it completed FULLY by end of July (I gave myself that as a deadline cause otherwise it will sit unfinished like so many other albums I have laying about!).

I will def add to the gallery some of my work though!
Thanks again for the welcome!
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