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June 24th, 2010, 04:08 PM
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Hi, I used to follow the TTCMA board and after a break would like to be on here. Not sure if you want all the background, but here you go.

My DH and I adopted in Aug 2007 through an agency after a lot of stressful IUI's and an endometriosis dx.

In 2007, I spent January and February digging through agencies and facilitators and interviewing them. By April, I had the home study started and the nursery done. We signed up with the agency in June, and went "live" August 17th. I got THE call on August 29, 2007 that we were chosen by a birth mom that had already been in labor 24 hours. YIKES!!! We were there when Connor was 3 hours old. We went from childless to parents in 8 hours....

After more infertility work-up (long grumpy story) we just did the application with the same agency again...and are waiting for a response. I hope I hear from them soon!!!!
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Mental break....ahhh. Mommy time....ahhhh. <3
Endometriosis surgery 01/16/09
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07/09: mixture of acupuncture, herbs, hope, and prayers
09/2009~too much pain, had to go on BCP's.
06/10: Starting adoption process again!!!!!
10/13/10: Adoption paperwork just pray and wait....
01/07/11 profiles turned into the adoption agency.
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