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June 24th, 2010, 10:31 PM
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Seriously, Body, why do you treat me this way?

My ovaries hurt! Why do my ovaries have to hurt? 2 negative OPKs today, and ovary pain. Also, barely any CM. Today is seriously not my day. It's hard to be positive when you pull this crap, Body!

And it'd be really freaking nice to NOT have to work 5 opening shifts in a row right in the middle of my freaking cycle! How am I supposed to get my freak on when I have to be awake at 5am the next morning? Seriously... not cool.

Also, it's really hard not to type all of the bad words I'm thinking today. Stupid universe.

Oh, and I've become very aware of bad parents lately. They're everywhere. As I was walking in to work, I heard a woman start screaming at her kid to stop talking to her because she was annoying. I almost hit her. Of course, assaulting a customer while in uniform would probably get me fired. I can give them a certain amount of attitude (if they're already being rude, or if they curse at me, or if they threaten me), but physical violence is something even I couldn't talk my way out of.

I think I'm done ranting for the day... hopefully. We'll see in a few hours if I've got any more rage stored up.
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