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June 25th, 2010, 08:12 PM
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Wifey to Cory...
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Name: Alana
Birthday: October 9th 1985
SO: None
SO's Birthday: N/A
Anniversary: N/A
Angels: I haven't named them because it was so short lived...but I have 6 Angels.
EDDs: April 3rd 2009, June 25th 2009, Jan 4th 2010, and December 23rd 2011
Angelversaries: July 14th 2008-Singleton, October 31st 2008-Triplets, May 2nd 2009-Singleton, and April 19th 2011-Singleton
Living Children: NONE
Their Birthdays: N/A

*Alana ~ OCBlonde985

Repeat Miscarriage Survivor of 6 Babies, 4 Pregnancies.

And I am WTTC now.
-Hi, I am Alana.-
-Married to Cory since April 22nd 2017 Been together since August 22, 2011.

-Fur-Mommy to Buster since January 4, 2015.
-RIP Ginger Louise 12/23/08- 03/22/17 Mommy's Angel

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