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June 25th, 2010, 10:11 PM
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Must...Vent!!!! Ok so short backstory, my wonderful BF and I decided when our lease was up in April that we would stay with his parents (who hate eachother, but that's a whole other story) for part of the summer so we could find a home that we really like without having to settle on something sub par since I don't want to have to move again for a long time!

I knew it would be a little trying at times since his mom is a crazy, attention seeking, control freak...but I never thought it would bother me this much! Our baby is only 5 days old and his mom has had the nerve to not only make all of MY announcements and post all MY new baby pics on her facebook before I get a chance to, but claims my DD as 'hers' and then tries to act like she knows sooooo much since she had 5 boys. Sorry but having multiple children doesn't make you a better parent IMO. She is also a total baby hog! She wants to be holding her 24/7 and then gets all huffy if someone else (especially grandpa-her husband) wants to hold her or if I need to feed or change her. She acts very judgmental regarding the things that we do and the clothing that we buy for our DD, yet goes and does the exact same things that we are doing...hypocrite? I think so!

She has even had the nerve to get mad at her own son for asking her to wash her hands before she holds the baby since she has 3 dogs who are outside the majority of the day that she is constantly holding/touching/petting etc. Her response was "Oh stop! I raised 5 boys to adulthood just fine and I didn't wash my hands every time I picked you guys up!" Lets keep in mind she raising kids 30 years ago, which is besides the point anyway since she is OUR child and they are OUR wishes. Ugh, there is soooo much more, but I'd need weeks to type it all out! I just needed to vent at least a little! Sorry it's so long, but thanks for bearing with me!

Kelly, you are amazing and I love you! Thank you for the awesomely cute siggy!
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