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June 25th, 2010, 10:30 PM
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Oh god that would drive me INSANE!! My ex's mother was absolutely NUTS as well. What I suggest? I would turn to her and say, stop being a hypocrite and stop trying to control how we raise OUR daughter. She is your GRAND-daughter, not daughter. We love you we are all family, but you need to stop. This is beginning to get to be too much. Or better yet? start commenting right back at her the things she comments about to you guys. Act JUST like her and when she finally snaps and says something say, "OH, I'm sorry, were we being annoying? I just wanted to be just like you since you are such a great role model!"
THEN see what she says, or the look on her face! LOL

But I'm sorry she is being weird. Hopefully you wont be there too long and wont have to deal with it too much longer.

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