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June 26th, 2010, 06:51 PM
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What is your name? Hillarie
How old are you? 37 1/2
Your DH? Dan, age 47 1/2
Your Children?Do you have any pets? Connor(6), Avery(4), Devinn(2)
how long have you been married? almost 7 yrs.
how long have you Homeschooled? Just this past "school" year
What made you decide to homeschool? We live in a state with an extremely poor education system(ranked like 49th in the country), Ive seen the people who have graduated and many shouldnt have because they can barely read decently. It worried me because my oldest is extremely smart and he loves to learn and he is inquisitive(to the point of annoyance)and I didnt want him stuck in a school with teachers who didnt wanna be bothered and would shush him up or make him feel bad for asking or would dim this love he has to learn.

Every year they take more and more money from the education system and Ive even had teachers themselves say the system sucks.

After about a year of debate of pros and cons and fears and all that I decided my fears were secondary to making sure my son learned in an enviroment that let him love learning and let him ask all the questions he wanted even if annoying at times,etc. LOL.

Here is a recent pic of my sons and of myself...


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