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June 27th, 2010, 08:36 PM
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Hi Lisa! Noelle sounds like she is doing great. Glad you were able to make your DD's graduation. I just love how people have to voice their little opinions. It's none of their business what you decide to do with your baby. And like you were going to miss that event! We plan to fly out to Spokane about 7 weeks after we have Akadia so I'm sure we'll here some comments then too.

I get teary eyed at just my nieces' graduations, so I can imagine what I would be like at my own child's! My one niece's graduation party this Saturday went off really well. Everyone had a good time and she was glad that we got to make it. My sister was convinced I was going to have the baby yesterday, but no go. We were at her house until almost midnight and she kept saying, "you still have 30 minutes to have her". I think she had some money going in a "baby pool" that they started at my baby shower.

I haven't been posting too much on the forum lately because it's all about the new babies and new baby issues and I'm not there yet, so I just don't have anything to contribute. I try to congratulate the new mom's when they announce their baby's, but that's about all there is for me to post to. I've still been here though - just lurking.

No action here yet. I still have the Braxton Hicks contractions almost everyday, but I don't feel anything else. I have an NST and then an OB appointment tomorrow morning. They haven't been checking me at all, but I know they will at the 40 week appointment, so hopefully I will at least get some answers as to whether I am progressing or not. I'm getting a little nervous about the size of the baby, but I still don't want to be induced unless absolutely necessary. I hope they don't try to push that.

I hope Noelle continues to do great! So glad to hear the breastfeeding is going well. My fingers are crossed that I don't have any problems with it either. Keep in touch!

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