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June 28th, 2010, 09:27 AM
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So, the husband and I were out at Zio's for some delicious lunch yesterday, and we got seated next to 3 (count em!) 3 families. Two of them had infants, and one (which I stared at like a crazy person all night) had 6 kids. So, we're sitting there gossiping about my family (because that's what we do), and we hear the greatest exchange ever. Mind you, we can't see what's happening, we just hear this guy talking to his son:

Guy: "Hey! If you're gonna do something, go all the way."
Wife: *indistinct but obviously displeased whisper*
Guy: "Alright" *in a slightly defeated voice* "Hey! No knives."

We both burst out laughing. They must have thought we were insane.

A little while later, my husband made a comment about the infant car seat that one of the babies was in at another table. He was like "That's a nice setup, we should make sure we get one like that." I swear, my heart grew 3 sizes when he said that. Best. Lunch. Ever.
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