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June 29th, 2010, 09:06 PM
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I promise I will keep up with this journal. I let the last one fall by the wayside. So in a nutshell decided to get checked out for Endo back in 2009. I have had horrible, heavy, painful periods since I can remember. My mom, her sister and my gma all had Endo. The doctor did a physical and discussion of family history in April 2009. He confirmed he was 99% sure I had it but to be 100% you need to do a lap. Did a lap May 1, 2009 (I actually got my period this day weird) and had Endo Stage IV all over. On my tubes, ovaries, uterus, bowel, and bladder. They removed 95% and the rest on the bowel would have to be killed off through drugs and ovulation suppression. I took 6 rounds of Lupron and did 8 months of Femara. This put me into menopause and I would never wish this on my worst enemy. Between the completely nutso mood swings to hot flashes 24/7 I was miserable.

FINALLY January 29, 2010 I got my period. Hoorayyyyyyyyy. It took exactly 3 months to come since I stopped the Lupron. After an initial doctor appointment with my OB he advised to not waiting to conceive so we began immediately. I am currently on month cycle and Cycle #6. Who knew it would be so hard?! Over the course of this roadtrip I have used OPK's and currently temp. See my chart in my siggy. I also have a blog but I keep it private so people I don't want knowing don't find it. If you want to read it just let know your email and I will add you. I have also had a bunch of blood work and urinalysis done including checking Iron, B12, vitamin D, sugar blah blah everything. Everything is in the normal range. Although most fall into the low of normal everything is normal. The only abnormalities were extremely low vitamin D which I take a vitamin for everyday and low blood sugar (which I have to get retested). For the low blood sugar I eat about every two hours or I get a headache and feel like I need to throw up and/or pass out. Not fun. Besides all that everything seems to be in working order. I already have an appointment set for August 10, 2010. That will make it month #7 of TTC. Hopefully then if I am not pregnant I can get some answers and start doing the next step to having my first LO.

I love you all and thanks so much for welcoming with open arms so many months ago!

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