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July 2nd, 2010, 09:40 AM
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Oh My!

We had gender scan at a 3d place at 16 weeks and they said boy. Today we had our anatomy scan with the perinatal specialist ultrasound place and It's very clearly a girl.

They had two different doctors come in and check without knowing what the other said. It was also obvious to me. There are clearly 3 lines and no penis.

Sooo crazy to me.

In the beginning I really wanted this to be a girl. I have a stepson so I feel like we've done the boy thing. Also, since Seth was a boy and he died, I wanted everything about this pregnancy to be different.

When we found out the boy gender, I initially cried. But, it quickly soaked in and I was happy. I've been building a life in my head around this baby boy.

So now I'm elated to be having a girl, but it sort of feels weird to not have the boy I've had for the past 3 weeks.

In other news, she is healthy! All her little parts are where they are supposed to be. She's strong and measuring the right size.

Here's her girly parts!


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