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July 5th, 2010, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by MountainMomma View Post
absolutely! lol I did test today. I'm pretty sure that what I see is just an evap line, but dang if it doesn't look pink! lol A few more days and I'll use something other than an IC.
Fingers crossed!! I cant wait to hear, Good Luck!!!

Originally Posted by MomtoCTSK View Post
Well fertility friend can't decide when I ovulated again. I could be anywhere from 8 DPO all the way back to 2 DPO. It doesn't help that I got two OPKs the were positive this month. One on CD 13 and one on CD19. My DH and I did BD according to both but I am not to confident about this cycle it has been super weird.
Grrrrrr! How confusing! And frustrating!! Maybe this is the lucky cycle where you get TWO chances! A girl can hope right?
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