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July 6th, 2010, 12:31 PM
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LOL I just finished my second cup of coffee and a diet coke and I am BUZZING! I usually only do one cup of coffee and one diet coke per day so the extra coffee has me going a mile a minute! Didn't sleep well last night so I def needed it but WOW....

Yuck on the flu glad Caden is feeling better!

Our fireworks were great here and even Lainey (my almost 4 month old) loved them! We went to the beach yesterday (we live VERY close to Lake Michigan) and the dog was in heaven as was my oldest Gabby. Lainey was not digging her first trip there as think it was too bright and windy for her. We still got about an hour in and all got a bit of sun (hubby and his friend got burnt since no sunscreen, men!).

I did NOT want to go back to work today!
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