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July 7th, 2010, 09:37 PM
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To be honest snacking is what does me in.. even if it is an apple or other healtly low cal.. snack its does not work//
The only thing that does work if I can keep it up is just the 3 meals with no less than 5 hours in between.. Its a whole new way of thinking.. I learned about it from sureslim..
Has to do with insulin levels and how the body burns fat..

My problem is I started with the no 5 hour rule and it worked great.. but then I read more and more about snacking and small meals etc.. and thats when I fell off the bandwagon about 3 months ago...
I just need to go b ack to what worked for me.. Its hard though.. when I am used to the other way..

I biked today but I was 1/2 hour from home and I got a flat!! My sis was will me thank goodness so she biked hom enand picked me up.. but I had to sick on teh side of a busy road with two kids.. for 1/2 hour!!! Yikes..

and its HOT here

Thank you Jaidensmum!

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