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July 8th, 2010, 04:06 AM
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Well, I posted here a while back about my DD weight issues, and that she had been diagnosed with an enzyme deficiency. Well, after all the tests and treatments, she is still following her own pattern of weight gain (I say gain for want of a better word!). So now they have decided she is perfectly healthy, no enzyme problems at all, that she just has FTT.

Last week at her 15 month check up she was 17lb9oz, which is on the charts!!, (the 3rd!) however, we went back for our weekly weigh in yesterday and she is 17lb 7oz, but we have weaned off the boob and the formula sippy isnt a huge success, but improving.

We have moved cities and her new Dr just looked at DH and I (both 511 and Im 136lb, DH 155lb) and said that she isnt going to be the heaviest child around, and that she will catch up. We have moved to fortnightly weigh ins now. They worried me for so lomg, accused me of not feeding her and now its just plain old FTT. At least I can deal with that.
I think failure to thrive is a bit misleading as she is a running, jumping, happy 15 month old, on the 80th for height and head, but just cant stay still long enough to eat!

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