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June 16th, 2006, 07:52 AM
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Hi everyone...

According to my ultrasound I'm having a little girl and am due Aug 4th. However, I don't really trust the ultrasound because it didn't sound all that confident... I think it said "likely a girl". DH and I have a girls name picked out: Shannon Tennette (tennette after my mom). However, I find boys names a lot harder (especially now that we know we're 'likely' having a girl).

The only name we've agreed on so far is Ryan Otto, but I'm not 100% on Ryan because I wonder if it's too short of a name to go with our last name, and Otto is also a short name. I'm hoping you guys can help me come up with other ones to take back to DH as suggestions. Here are the contraints.... we both like fairly classical/traditional/common names. We want our son to have a name that's all his own and not the same as anyone else really close in the family (distant cousins are fine). And... it has to work with our last name. Our last name is Dean... which rules out James as a middle name, as well as a number of other names, which you don't think of until you say them out loud... for example Christopher is out, because we don't want our son introducing himself as Chris Dean and then having to explain that he's a boy and his name is NOT Christine. LOL.

Here are the names that have been crossed off the list so far (because of other family members):
Bill/ William
Brian (which I love)

What else are you guys able to come up with for us?

Edited to mention that we're definately going with Otto as a middle name (it's been passed down for generations as a middle name on DH side). So we need something that works with "Otto Dean" as a middle and last name.

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