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July 8th, 2010, 10:21 PM
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Nicole awe POOH on the crappy mood, BUT we are ENTITLED to it!Geesh all that we do, go thru in a month holy smokes could you imagine how pitiful, complaining a man would be? OMG what a joke!

I've been an emotional mess, so I could totally use the "solo-vaca" right now as well... but knowing me I'd pout and wouldn't want that either geesh!

Kelly Wooo Hooo to moving over to the 2WW! Cheers to April 2011 DDC We'll be there soon, I promise...

Lori welcome honey! Thanks for the congrats on the job as well it's all happening so fast and my old job is taking it wonderfully. They're open to me coming back at any time too so it's not like I'll ever be without a job, period. So that's always good to know.

on joing on your first cycle to TTCAL! WOOT WOOT WOOT, here's to hoping that you get soon and here's lots of and special wishes that you achieve it soon!

Lindsey How are you holding up? I've been thinking about ya and wondering how you're doing... how's your cycle been so far, CD6 today right? We're just 5 days apart

Paige I have to say that I'd of died laughing too had I of been blocked out of the only parking spot not in the back 40 of WM then to find there was a dead rooster... I mean how does that **** happen?! lmfao!!!

Sooooo, sounds like a good cycle with the signs of the clomid effecting you more this month and you used preseed... geesh, you got IT going on this cycle Paige!!!

Becca how are your opk's looking? I think it's a good idea that you start testing with them now especially since you took the clomid cd3-7 because you could quiet possibly O sooner. I guess it can be approx 5 days after you take the last pill right?

Ok ladies here's lotsa to everyone!!!!
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