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July 10th, 2010, 10:56 PM
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I hope you find something that works. Sleep issues is the one thing that we still struggle with. Some of my kids love to sleep on their own while others still think they have to sleep with me. I've had good sleepers and bad sleepers and I never did anything different, except maybe the amount of crying that occurred (from them and me
They do make co-sleepers that go in your bed. That may help. The other thing is you may be trying to move her too soon. You think she is in deep sleep but she probably isn't. The thing is, if she doesn't learn to GO to sleep without you there, then when she wakes up, she'll expect you to still be there.
Try going to the library or bookstore and find some books on babies sleep. I have a couple and have just had to try different things until I found something that would work for that baby.

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