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July 11th, 2010, 09:30 AM
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ON the morning of Feb 15 2004 (0ne day after my due date) I was woken up at 4am by my water breaking...At first i thought maybe i had peed myself because I was sleeping on my stomach...But I got out of bed and realized that no it was in fact my water breaking. I was living with my sister and her newborn baby at the time. I went and woke my sister up and told her my water broke...I then had to go back down to my room and pack a bag, because I did not have one packed. While I was packing my sister phoned my parents to tell them i was in labour, they responded by telling my sister to tell me that i got myself into this mess i have to get myself out.
My sister got dressed and loaded up the baby and drove me to the hospital, however she did not make it though the ER door, they said that because it was flu season and her baby was not immunized because she was so little that she was not allowed up on L&D I went upstairs by myself which i thought wasnt that bad until i got upstairs to L&D and got harassed by a nurse over the fact that I was there by myself.
They got my in a room and checked me sure enough my water was broken, they left me hooked up to monitors to see what was going on and told me to get some rest. At 9am I still had not had a single contraction so they began the pitocin. The contractions came hard and fast but i would not dilate so i asked for an epidural knowing it would be a long day. they never did get the epidural in right (i know that now since i have had a second one) it took away the edge but never numbed me like it should have. i spent the majority of the day labouring in the shower prior to the epidural.
I dont remember much from the day of the 15 or 16th I just remember little parts, like at somepoint the baby was not doing well so they attached a lead to his head to monitor him better. I also remember the comments i got from all the nurses about being there alone.
Finally at 10pm on the 16th i was ready to push, but i was so tired and drugged I just could not push well enough. The doctor (some stupid doctor who was oncall because my doctor was on holidays) kept telling me not to be a baby and to start pushing, she kepts pinching my vagina too with the forceps because she didnt believe me that my epidual was not working.
At somepoint in time the doctor realized how big the baby was and how wide his shoulders were so she used forceps with a vacuum inbetween them trying to get him out. I remember christopher crowning and at that point there were about 7 people in my room trying to pull him out they could not get him out.
The doctor then pushed christopher all the way back up into my uterus and went to deliver someone down the hall who was pushing while the doctor was gone i signed the papers to go in to a csection.
I had to be completely knocked out for the section because they could not get the freezing in with the epidual in.
Christopher Dylan was born at 230am on Tuesday Feb 17, 2004 weigh in at 9.10 LBS and 20 inches long.
The next morning all the nurses kept asking me was if someone in my family was coming in..I kept saying i didnt know i have not seen my family in a few days. They never once said anything about my baby, never told me if it was a boy or a girl, nothing. Which really freaked me out. Then my mom came in to see me after the nurses were in my room and said isnt he big, doesnt he look just like his father? I responded by saying its a boy? I still dont know when through out the night my mom saw christopher but obviously she had My mom could not believe they hadnt taken me to see him so she loaded me into a wheelchair and took me down to the NICU where i was told that christopher had a hole in his lung between the lung and the lining and that he needed to stay in an oxygen bubble to see if it would heal itself. I asked if i could hold him the doctor said no it would be best if he stayed in there and left my mom and i to visit with him. My mom swore and said what crap it was that i didnt get to hold him and how wrong that was she the proceeded to unhook him from all the monitors (she knew what she was doing because i was in the NICU for 6 months when iwas born) I sat there and watched as all the nurses mouths just dropped, none of them stopped her either and I got to hold my baby for the first time.

my mom then put him backed and hooked him up and took me back to my room, Christopher stayed in the NICU until the late evening on the 17th before he got to join me in my room.

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