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July 12th, 2010, 08:17 AM
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Hi ladies...

So let's see who's out there waiting to ovulate? Me! (Kim)

Where are you in your cycle? This is CD 11, I think I'm gearing up to "O", I've had lots of signs.

What are you doing, using this cycle? I'm temping but not consistently, taking EPO until I "O", taking my prenatals and some Mucinex on days we BD to help thin out my CM, and drinking lots of water.

Anything new, anything you're not doing this cycle? Unfortunately I don't think we'll be *super* active with BDing this cycle because DH had surgery 2 weeks ago (gall bladder) and he's still recovering so although we've BD'ed a few times (and hope to tonight if he's up for it) we're not as active as we could be if we were both feeling better!

How are you feeling emotionally? excited to start fresh, this is my first 'official' cycle after my M/C, and I'm hoping we are able to get PG with a sticky bean soon, but also scared we might not get PG, or will get PG and then lose the baby again.

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