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June 16th, 2006, 03:17 PM
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OK, First I have zero problem with DS calling someone else mom if his bio-dad was in a serious committed relationship with another woman, if DS wanted to. BUT when he's only been dating this girl for 2 weeks by his own addmission and is telling DS "she's your new mommy" I've got a problem.

DS calls my husband daddy. He chose to, we never pushed it on him or encouraged it. It was his choice. It really bothered bio-dad and he kept telling DS "I'm your only daddy, you can't have 2 daddies". DS would get very upset and come home in tears that he doesn't want ONLY 1 daddy, he wants 2 daddies. And it's OK for him t have 2 daddies or 2 mommies or 2 daddies and 2 mommies, if he wants to. He knows he can call DH daddy, dad, pops, or DJ. His choice.

BUT bio dad started dating this woman 2 weeks ago. She's 18, and I've met her. In fact, she dated my BIL (who just turned 18) about a year ago. So when DS tells me that "only daddy" told him she's his new mommy and he had to call her mommy I was mad and shocked. It should be DS's choice to make! He cried that he only wants 1 mommy. He cried that he doesn't know this "new mommy". He asked me "why is she my new mommy? are you not my mommy anymore?" All this from a 4 yr old!

Had he been dating her longer than 2 weeks and had they been in a serious relationship I would have no problem with him deciding to call her mommy, but they've been together 2 weeks! And he's not being allowed to make the choice himself! That bother me.

Am I overreacting? Or should I talk to bio-dad and tell him that I'm cencerned because they've only been togehter 2 weeks, DS knows nothing of this woman, and that he's saying he doesn't want to call her mommy?
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