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July 14th, 2010, 08:45 PM
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It's tough, but you have to stand your ground. You're no longer under their rules, and if they continue to butt in, you'll have to flat-out tell them to stop talking about school or stop talking to you altogether. These are YOUR children, not theirs. The only way they're going to come around is to see results. Never EVER complain or question yourself in front of them. That's what this board is for. You'll have bad days and even bad weeks, but you can come here to talk to people who've BTDT and can help you. Don't show weakness, because they'll use it to get under your skin. Brag every chance you get. Talk about friendships every chance you get. Show just how well-rounded his foundation is every chance you get. When he's physically with them, have him bring along an art project or writing sample to personally hand them with the big "look what I did, grandma!!!" look on his face. They might tear you apart, but with that kind of response, they're not going to tear him apart. They may try to convince him that he's really missing out, but if you prepare him for that conversation, it's not going to work out for them and may even backfire on them. When you're doing something fun, say "I'm so glad you're not in PS, because they don't get to do this". When you're doing something not so fun, say, "Well, it could be worse... if you were in PS, you'd also have to do this and this, but I'm not going to make you do it if you prove to me you already know how." (There's a TON of repetition and busy work in PS that isn't necessary in HS.)

Just stand your ground. People don't like confidence, so eventually it'll either make them re-think their position or shut up entirely.
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