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July 15th, 2010, 12:05 PM
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share you appontments and dates here so we can keep track of each other, i will get this made into a sticky

Coleys anniversary 24th
Daniel (whiteys*wife's son) 2nd
Mia (trannyfromtheuk's daughter) 27th
trannyfromtheuk appointment with the fertility DR 6th

Coleys birthday 1st
whietys*wifes birthday 24th
charlie (*tracy* DD) birthday 23rd

Matt (coleys DH) birthday 28th
Brooke (*tracys* DD) birthday 5th
jes birthday 8th

Paul (whiteys*wife's DH) biththday 3rd
Tim (clare's DH) 28th
jes's DH birthday 10th

whietys*wife anniversary 5th
Gary (trannyfromtheuk's DH) 26th
Ima's anniversary 9th
irishblessing's birthday 3rd
Angie (bandgeek) birthday 27th

trannyfromtheuk birthday 26th
trannyfromtheuk anniversary 23rd
Ima's bithrhday 29th
Ima's DH's birthday 28th
Clare's birthday 12th
Harrisons (*tracy* DS) birthday 3rd

Angie (bandgeek) anniversary 27th

Clare's anniversary 26th
Kaitlyn's (irishblessing's LO) birthday 11th

eccomi DH birthday 7th
whiteys*wife appointment with DR 23rd
*tracy* anniversary 21st
angie (bandgeek) anniversary 19th
angie (bandgeek) DR appointment 19th

eccomi operative hysteroscopy 16th
Clare IVF consulation 6th
irishblessing's anniversary 24th

Jack Anthony Richard White

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