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July 18th, 2010, 12:48 PM
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When we began our hoemschooling journey, I had only two supporters.. my husband and my older sister "D: who has been homeschooling her six children for over 20 years.

My mother questioned our decision many times because she believed the public school system was more equipped to teach a child with Autism and other medical conditions. I responded "who knows more about my child than me."

I knew more about my son's autism, his sensory intergration disorder and other medcial concerns how they had played into his learning disabilities. Who better to tailor his education to his needs than have him fit in a "cube" to fit to the public education's standards. Standardized testing does not take in conderation the special needs student. They learn differently, see things differently and no test on paper can measure that.

My advice is stick to your decision to homeschool no matter what. You are your children's mother and no one knows your children better than you. Your parents raised you, they are not raising your children.

When I tried in vain to show my mother why I thought it was beneficial to homeschool my sons, she never understood. It took my sons to show her. They showed her when they shared with her what they were learning with our nature studies, when they showed her crafts they made and when she saw the brightness in their faces tellling her how much they loved homeschooling.

Now my mother and sisters are avid readers of our homeschooling blog. My three sisters believe that we made the best decision for our family. Sometimes my Mom still thinks this is a temporary thing but I laugh and tell her mom "after seven years of homeschooling, It is here to stay..."

I wish you the best and hope in time your parents will see in your children what you see in them....
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