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July 19th, 2010, 08:15 AM
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My In-laws really really annoy me

we both live in the same town.
we live 15 minute walk apart.
we live 5 minute car apart.
WE don't drive.
THEY do drive.

They haven't come to see their new grandson for 5 weeks now!! They kept BUGGING US!! asking us when we are going to go up and see them so they can see their grandchildren, we have 3 children aged 3yr, 2yr and 12 weeks, both of the girls nap between 2-4pm if we want to go out we have to wait for them to get up from nap, then sort out the buggies, pack a changing bag for three kids, then finally walk up there, we get to stay an hour before having to walk back to get them to bed for 7pm because of all the hassle of having to sort the buggies etc.

They live 5 minutes down the road in the car, FIL finishes work at 2pm & MIL does not work tuesdays.. both of them do not work on sundays... yet they cant jump in the car to come and see us! what is up with that so it's been 5 weeks since they have seen their grandson who is now only 12 weeks old! he has grown&changed so much in 5 weeks and it's a shame they can't make the effort to come here to see him
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