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July 19th, 2010, 11:27 AM
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ugghhh Gotta love the people who think they know better the you "mom" .....I am sure "family" means well but honestly its not any of their business.
When I first chose to home-school i had a few questions,comments and well meaning remarks like you have had...
What I did was Not let that sway my much thought out and research decision.
For some especially older people they are set in their ways...There is No making them understand...
My advice is to tell them that this is YOUR child not theirs..and as you appreciate their concern ,That you will be doing what you and your hubby ect wants END of discussion!
and if they really want to help they can try supporting you ..because their negativity is only hurting their grand son and you...

I know this may be hard to do..especially if you still feel like a grown child when your around your parents (no offense meant)
but at some point even if it feels disrespectful you have to stand up for your self as a Parent of your own child ..kwim

This is what I had to do because my MOM thought she was 2nd momma and she could make "parenting" choices for my child.....i quickly let her know her place and ever since we all have been happy
I hope this helps...

Good Luck with everything and keep us updated!
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