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July 22nd, 2010, 09:12 AM
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I was a habitual pricker too until I ran out before my insurance was ready to cover more strips. I won't pay 119 bucks for strips, LOL !

If I get one number over I so badly want to reprick because I always get a lower number elsewhere. But now that I've caught on to the best amount of blood, clean hands, blah blah blah... I try to make sure I have a perfect situation to avoid pricking again.

I learned the hard way with not enough blood. I would get readings in the 140's over something low in carbs and so I would redo it with a glob of blood and it would in the 90's. I've messed up so many times you would think I'm incompetent with finger pricking, haha.

Ladybug, the reaction of your numbers will truly depend on who you are working with. Some are very strict, some give leeway, some hardly monitor like mine.
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