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July 22nd, 2010, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by ameriguat View Post
I like it better than carrying a paper with me everywhere too!!!

When I went they said my fastings are suppose to be under 100 and after hr meals under 130. I still don't like when my fasting numbers even though most times they are under 100. I am a habitual pricker especially if my numbers are high after I eat, I'm bad, I'll go for a power walk in my office then test again...ha works! I'm nervous too about getting diabetes after the baby too. I really wish I never had this but I'm going to be working on losing weight after this baby comes.
So my fasting have to be under 5.3 which I think is 98. it was 6.0 today How do I get it lower? I can understand the "need" to prick again.I have 2 sample packs so far, I have to go pick up more and see how much our extended medical covers. They are $100 for a pack of a 100. We should get 80% covered though. Ok so when you reprick after a power walk, how long of a power walk? And what number do you record?

Originally Posted by Renwick2002 View Post
I was a habitual pricker too until I ran out before my insurance was ready to cover more strips. I won't pay 119 bucks for strips, LOL !

If I get one number over I so badly want to reprick because I always get a lower number elsewhere. But now that I've caught on to the best amount of blood, clean hands, blah blah blah... I try to make sure I have a perfect situation to avoid pricking again.

I learned the hard way with not enough blood. I would get readings in the 140's over something low in carbs and so I would redo it with a glob of blood and it would in the 90's. I've messed up so many times you would think I'm incompetent with finger pricking, haha.

Ladybug, the reaction of your numbers will truly depend on who you are working with. Some are very strict, some give leeway, some hardly monitor like mine.
Ok what do you mean ideal situation? Yesterday I was SO mad, cause twice I pricked and it wasn't enough blood to get sucked in and instead of a number it said error. 2 strips just wasted.

Originally Posted by VeronicaBride View Post
Your numbers to be under are a bit higher than mine. I have to be under 5.2 for fasting and 6.6 for after meals. I am finding it pretty manageable though.
Wow. I'm allowed alot higher for meals. I wonder if that's bad.
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