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July 22nd, 2010, 11:12 AM
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Does your pricker have a number scroll to make a deeper prick? I've had to turn mine up some and I tend to prick on the last 3 fingers (middle to pinky). I try to rub my finger down some to get the blood going. I often have to milk my finger a bit for some extra blood. If it's not a nice size glob of blood I redo it without even thinking now! The best results I get is when the blood rushes together all at once and fills the strip which means I need more than a little drop. If it squeaks down you can forget about it .... error or false high reading :-(

It's trial and error and you'll figure it out. For instance, make sure the hand sanitizer is completely dry or your hands are completely dry. I aim my finger down a bit when I prick. It's taken a month to know how my meter responds. I have a One Touch Ultra Mini and it's very sensitive so I just make sure it gets my blood, plenty of it, all at once.

Oh if you want your fasting lower try some nice protein as a bedtime snack.

EDIT: Protein and carbs but the protein helps keep it level so sometimes I go a little heavier on the protein at night.
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