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July 22nd, 2010, 03:49 PM
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Where will you LO be sleeping at night?? For naps? She'll be next to me at night in the bassinet/moses basket, for naps she'll be in her swing.

Do you think you will be paranoid at night when LO is asleep (ex. checking their room frequently?)? Yep, I'll probably be checking her every half an hour as well as having the monitor.

Audio monitor, video monitor, audio+video monitor, sensing pad, other? Audio monitor

How will you position your LO to go to sleep (body position, blankets, swaddlers, etc)? On her back swaddled

Who will get up in the middle of the night to tend to baby? Me, probably 90% of the time.

Will you wake up baby for scheduled feedings or feed when s/he wakes up? When she wants to so on demand, I was told on average newborns feed about 7 times a day, and they won't let themselves go hungry

Will you let you LO fall asleep with a paci/bottle? Don't think we will use pacis unless we have too.

Bumpers or no bumpers on the crib? Will you take out the bumpers when baby goes to sleep? Yes we will have bumpers, and remove them when needed.

Later on, when will you start to put your LO down to sleep at night?[/B] We'll see what pattern she gets into and what fits her best. (I would say around 7pm at first though)
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