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July 22nd, 2010, 11:19 PM
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LOVE THEM!!! I used books 3-8 with my older one as a brush-up. I bought the entire series a few days ago (on sale) to be used with my younger one. Most people say to do a lesson a week and do appx 3 books per year, give or take. You can do them at whatever pace you want, though. Books A thru C are for preschoolers through about 1st grade. Books 1 through 8 are for K-4th. You won't necessarily need the half-level books. They're extra practice for kids who struggle with a particular level. You may need the half-level for one book but not another. KWIM? Depends on the child. I've never used (or seen) all the wall chart and card stuff. I don't think they're necessary, but then again, I haven't SEEN them in person.
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