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July 23rd, 2010, 11:16 AM
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Hey everyone! I'm new to JustMommies, though I have been reading around for a few months and just decided to join up. Looking forward to meeting you ladies and sharing!!

My DH and I are now TTC our second baby. Our first is 1 year old and we'd love to give him a sibling close in age! We didn't try to conceive our son - he was a surprise, and I also have had one previous pregnancy before my son that ended in an early miscarriage.

It's been a few months now that we've been NTNP, and twice I really thought I was preggo, and had lots of symptoms, but wasn't. I'm also still breastfeeding, though my son's not nursing a lot (only to fall asleep twice a day really) and I have had my period back for 7 months now.

A few things about my charts and cycles...

- I haven't been temping. My son had a really erratic schedule with waking and the temps were just so inaccurate.. but now he's on a good schedule of sleep so I'll start temping again.

- My past 7 cycles have been anywhere from 26 to 36 days long. They started as 26, then I had two 36ers, and now I'm back to 29.

- I haven't gotten any EWCM in the past. So I've been trying different tricks, like green tea or hot water with lemon to increase it. Last cycle I got EWCM one day!! And lots of creamy CM afterward. I'm hoping to keep up that pattern and notice more and more.

So here we go...

CD 1

Terrible cramps and all that fun AF stuff!

One of my goals this cycle is NOT TO TEST until 12DPO. I never, never live up to that goal. But I am really tired of seeing BFNs. I've been getting a LOT of weird preggo symptoms in my 2WW even when I'm not preggo. I often get a little crampy in the 2WW - possibly that's actually around ovulation time - and for two cycles I get really nauseous during the 2WW at some points, as well. This time I also had indigestion a few times which I never get. I hate those preggo symptoms that show up and practically convince you.. but then you aren't!

We're going to the beach for vacation starting Sunday! So I'm glad that AF showed before we left so the worst will be over on vacation, plus, looking on the upside, I can now drink!

I'm going to make it my goal to be consistent with temping and recording on FertilityFriend.

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