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July 24th, 2010, 03:23 PM
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So we had the baby shower today, It was fun for the most part. We didn't end up having alot of people show up which was annoying because we had so many say they were coming and didnt bother to show or call. Any way, so we only did 2 "games" not even games really. We did one where they guessed how big my tummy was....apparently everyone thinks i'm huge and then we did a diaper raffle to get diapers - we only ended up with 4 packages but better then none.

So the bad...We gave gift cards to the "winners" of the two games and both gift cards should have had $15 on each. One to Target and one to Starbucks. SO sister won the belly game and picked the Target one and a co worker won the diaper thing and got the Starbucks.....ONLY for me to find out when i got home that the stupid lady we had to deal with last night at target (who was SOOOOO rude) put $50 on the target card not $15, and because SO sister is always broke already spent the money on it, So now i have to call target and yell at them for that lady being so stupid and putting the wrong amount on and now i need to give my mom $30 back to cover it because who gives away a $50 gift card for a baby shower?

So my mood right now and really all day has been not to good, which sucks because i should be happy and i'm not. I just wanna cry and can't cause i dont want SO to see it. But on a happy note i guess here are some pictures from the shower...Hope you all enjoy. Also my 30 week and 31 week belly pics are gonna be here to.

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