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July 25th, 2010, 03:20 PM
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This is my Seamus, he just turned 4

Seamus was born with Torticollis, which resulted in Plagiocephally. He also has Macrocephally. Seamus started OT at 2mo old for his Tort and at that point we realized that he was way behind developmentally. Seamus started PT as well around 6mo. The OT and PT went till he was 15.5mo when we moved out of state, and the state we moved to refused him services saying he was fine. When he was 20mo old we moved back home and his pedi wasn't too happy about the lack of services in the other state. Seamus now goes to consoling, PSR, Speech Therapy, and is being evaled by a sensory issue OT. We still haven't come to an official diagnosis each professional he sees has a different one and it all hasn't been put together to see if it is under 1 specific thing or not. His pedi thinks possible high functioning autism, but recently after talking with his Speech Therapist and the OT it sounds like he may have Sensory Processing Disorder.
Seamus also has a "non-traditional" lazy eye in his left eye.

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