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July 26th, 2010, 02:03 AM
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I just thought I would add something..
Hubby and I are expecting our first child and we have no doubt we will be homeschooling.

My mom decided to homeschool all 5 of us. I'm the oldest of 5 siblings and went all the way through high school in home school.

None of us are poorly adjusted socially. We're all different in terms of how well we did in school, we all have different things we're good at. What I loved about home school was being done by noon.. lol
Not only that, but the curriculum covered the basics and then whatever you were most interested in. We baked, we canned vegetables, we grew our own garden, we learned sewing and crochet.
I finished high school at 15. My average on the year end FCATS were always 97%-99%.

I started college at the local community college as soon as I turned 16. I had a straight 4.0 in college. Well, right up until Microbiology! Then I dropped to a 3.89..

There will always be people in your child's life that will try to imply that they are getting less of an education at home then what is possible in public school.

Back when we first got married, my husband didn't like the idea of homeschooling. He had always considered homeschooled kids to be poorly adjusted dorks. But, thanks to social networking sites like Facebook, he's reconnected with a lot of people he knew growing up and has changed his mind on homeschooling. The ones who were homeschooled have hobbies and interests outside the norm, they aren't afraid of pursuing what they love even if it's not popular.
On the contrary, most of the people he knows from public school have a very narrow interest focus. Of course, there are exceptions, just not many from his public school experience.

I think the best thing about homeschooling, is that you learn to teach yourself. If you've been homeschooled, you tend to be an independent learner. In college, I studied for my classes and knew the material before the lecture. I also love learning just for the fun of learning, even if it's information I'll never use.

We're already beginning to stock up on supplies. Something I always wanted was a real microscope, not one of those kid ones that you can't see anything with. We're saving for one of those. I took 15 years of piano lessons while growing up and we plan on replacing my piano so our child can start piano lessons as soon as he's ready.

Sorry if I've rambled, but, homeschooling is a subject that is very close to me.
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