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July 26th, 2010, 02:51 AM
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Hopefully this goes as planned but I'll be on pain killers, so I don't think I'll mind much. I do know it looks like a lot but it's not.

Sept 21. Day before c-section. John has the day off and MIL will arrive about 5-6 pm from Alabama. I'll be getting up super early to have some time to myself, John will be home around 8 am. Around noon, we'll both take a nap, then it's off to get my hair braided and a late lunch. John and I want to go see a movie, just spend some time together before the big day the next day. Late dinner with John, MIL, and BIL and then bed time! Let's hope I can sleep!

Sept 22
THE BIG DAY!! Have to be at the hospital at 6:15 am, no clue on what time to get out of bed. Loads of paper work, amnio at 7 am. Will text Tiff after that. Have to wait on the amnio to come back. Dr wants one to check lung maturity, so lets hope he's ready! C-section is set for 9-9:30 am, I should be out of recovery and in my room by 10-10:30 I think. Might have to have Tiff or some one text around 11 to check. As soon as I am in my room, my much loved long awaited son will be in my arms, laying on my heart where he belongs!

Sept 25-27 I should be discharged from the hospital and at home. I say the 25th because I'm more comfortable at home, this hospital feels 1970's sterile and it's freezing there. Being cold just makes me hurt more. The longest I would be in would be till the 27th.

Sept 28th
John goes back to work. He plans on spending every morning with Charlie and me.
Sept 29th My family (Dad, Becky, littlest brother) arrive to help out. MIL is cooking a family dinner, I'm doing NOTHING! First family dinner in 4 years!
Sept 30th MIL goes back to Alabama, leaves us at about 8 am if not earlier.
October 5th My family goes home, Dad may stay a little longer, not sure yet.
October 9th hoping my BFF from high school can come and visit.

Yes, I do know it is a lot but John has to go back to work and with Charlie nursing on demand, I'm not doing much at all but caring for him. Nurse and sleep is all I'm allowed to do. John, MIL, and my family are only coming to help me, they all say I am not to entertain anyone at any time. I am to just take care of me and Charlie. They will take care of the house and the dogs and everything else. If I want something or something needs to be done, they will do it.

DO YOU SEE HOW BAD MY OCD IS?!?! I love to plan!

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