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June 19th, 2006, 03:22 PM
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Just saw this forum - very cool!

Mine was as natural as an induced labor could be... I was a week post-dates, they were a little worried about DS's growth (which was perfect, btw), and had to get induced with pitocin, but otherwise did it with no pain meds! I spent an entire day on pitocin which did nothing, but then the next day they started it & 3 hours later DS was born! I spent some time on the birthing ball which was good, and some time just standing & rocking, and then at the tail end just hanging out in bed cuz at that point I was pretty uncomfortable and didn't feel like being anywhere else! But, I was really glad to "be there" for all of it, no pain meds making me dopey, no epidural keeping me from feeling how to push... And really, it wasn't nearly that bad. I got done and said, "So that's what 10 out of 10 pain feels like? That's not so bad!" Granted, if it had been 24 hours of that I'm not sure I could've done it, but I was pretty determined so who knows. Ironically, DH is an anesthesiologist - he joked all through my pregnancy that he would tie me down and give me an epidural if I got annoying. Ha ha to him!!
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