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July 26th, 2010, 11:06 AM
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She was over this weekend. DH picked her up on Friday and she stayed until 1pm yesterday. We were home for most of the weekend but DH & I went on a date Saturday night. We had just finished dinner when she called stating that our DS broke the TV. DH & I went home and no DS did not break the TV at all he just turned off the cable. She's not a very bright woman because before we left we showed her 1) how to work the TV and cable box and 2) where to put the remotes so DS could NOT get to them---but of course she does things "her way" and let the kids pretty much have free reign over the house while we're gone.

Thankfully DD is smart enough to know to NOT mess everything up and prior to us leaving the house again DD told me she'd help with DS, which she always does, and make sure MIL didn't let him do stuff he's not allowed to do or have things(food/drinks)he's not allowed to have. When DH & I get home at about 11pm I realize my house that I had just cleaned has things once again moved around and according to MIL she "cleaned" but it's obvious she was just being nosy and going through our things. I bite my tongue because she did watch the kids and nothing is missing or anything and the children were kept safe this time because 1) we told her she was no longer allowed to go outside and 2) we took the keys so if she disregarded our wishes she couldn't leave w/o leaving our house me DD would not leave the house if she knew it couldn't be locked she's a stickler for these things.

I got a "report" from DD on how things went while we were gone and surprisingly she(MIL)seemed to do well the whole night. I'm happy about things this time other than the fact that upon leaving I realized the reason my house smelled odd is because MIL either a) does not shower often or b) has some other health issue because all I've got to say is ewwwww. Needless to say I washed and febreezed everything that couldn't be washed once I figured out why things were ewww.

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